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FORUM: First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

skipping / replacing items on the meal plan

hello, i suppose the food combination indicated in our meal plans are necessary to achieve the maximum effect if its followed strictly, BUT what if:

1. I want to skip an item
ex. let's say I don't like the food item or I was not able to buy it. (ex. vegetable juice, oat bran etc) Can I skip it without risking the efficacy of the program?

2. I want to change the format/recipe of the food
ex. 120g Poached tuna with dill -- what if i prefer to eat 120g canned tuna in brine instead?
or for 120g stir fried beef steak -- can I just eat 120g of boiled beef cubes (nilaga)?
or marinated chicken skewers -- can I eat plain pan-seared chicken fillet (seasoned w/ salt & pepper only)?

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@ Kendz: Yes! 120 g or 4 matchbox sizes of fresh tuna is equivalent also to 120 g or 4 matchbox sizes fresh tanigue.

Is it alright to substitute tuna with tanigue? Thanks!

Hi everyone!

Copy paste this link to help you maximize your bonus pages and start substituting food items:!/account/blogs/blog.asp?rno=531895&b_id=16987

Best of luck!

:) Thanks Laarni!

Hello Prinroman, yes you may substitute the chicken dish. For swapping of meals, yes you may switch among lunches and dinners of different days but you can't switch lunch and dinner on all occasions.

is it ok to eat roast chicken instead of Marinated chicken skewers since i dont have all the ingredients. and can i eat the lunch of day 2 instead of day 1 since i dont have the cottage cheese. I am on day 1 of Blood type A


Phase 1: week and 2
Phase 2: week 3 onwards until you hit your target weight
Phase 3: once you hit your target weight, 1kg weight lost is equivalent to 1 month stabilization

When is phase 1? week 1-3? how about phase 2 & 3?

Hi! I am Type AB and i noticed in my meal plan that for dinner it is mostly fish except for saturday. Is there a reason for this? My dinner recipes mostly consists of curries, can I change this? I don't like curries. Lastly, in the morning vegetables, how much should I eat? Can I mix all of them or just choose 1? THANK YOU! :)

The list of food equivalences is for classic. I suggest you follow the list specific to your blood type.

This can be found in the bonus pages:

List of Allowed and Prohibited Foods
Blood Type A/AB - Phase 1, 2, 3
Blood Type B - Phase 1, 2, 3
Blood Type O - Phase 1, 2, 3

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