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Adelaida I am so overwhelmed with the results of my diet following the CGN program. As of today, I have lost 31 pounds, specifically from 167 to 136 pounds in 5 months. From a size 14 in pants, I now wear a size 8. My weight became a problem when I started having difficulty in getting up from bed in the morning and experiencing an alarming high blood pressure. I could not find a good outfit that would fit me off the rack because of my big arms, legs and tummy. During my younger years, I used to do aerobics regularly and even followed all sorts of diet such as Fit for Life and Herbal Life. I lost a lot of weight then but after a few years, I went back to my old habits and regained the lost pounds. Now at 54 years old, I have made a pact with myself to embrace the principle behind the CGN program as my health guide for life so that I will no longer go back to being overweight. When I posted my "before and after" photos in Facebook, many of my friends have become interested in the program because they got so impressed with my transformation. Some of them even sent me private messages, requesting me to send them the link to the program. I sent them invites to join the program instead and I have earned referral rewards for those who enrolled. BelleToday has greatly helped me reach my weight loss goals. I will always be thankful to my friend Emmeline Verzosa who led me to discover the CGN program. I will forever be grateful to Dr. Claude Chauchard for his research and developing such an effective program. I commend the nutritionists involved in this program especially to Ms. Charmaine who has been guiding me throughout my journey to weight loss. I intend to share my success and experience with everyone I know, especially with those who badly need to lose weight, with the hope that they too will enroll in the program.

Brenda I'm enjoying the progress of my weight loss through positive feedbacks from my family and friends.

Cecilia I am happy with how it is now. Have been losing weight without difficulty. Just need to be more disciplined when I am out.

Cristina I am just satisfied with how my program is. Thank you.

Mae Just keep up the good work!!!!!

Glenn Just glad that my fondness to cooking returned due to this program. My wife and kids are also glad that I'm back cooking again.:-)

Charina I will refer you most definitely to my friends who are mostly overweight and would love to lose a few pounds. I just decided to eat in moderation and exercise... So far, I have lost 16 pounds and a total of 18 inches all over my body :) I started November 2013 with my regimen.
Thank you for being very helpful.

Gemma I want to say how happy I am with this CGN diet. Not only have I not felt any of the "bad" feelings associated with dieting (hunger pangs, lightheadedness, weakness, etc.), it has also made me lose 12 pounds in the last 10 weeks! This is the lightest I have weighed in many years, and I am wearing all my pretty dresses again! Thanks so much, and more power to you and Dr. Chauchard.

Cristina Hi Team Chauchard: First of all I would like to convey my appreciation to the team who made this program especially to Dr. Chauchard. I learned a lot from this program and I'm nearing my goal weight already. Thank you again.

Ebette THANK YOU to Dr. Chauchard and Charmaine, the BelleToday team and the fantastic Chron-Geno-Nutrition Diet!. I love my revitalized me. Dropped 13 pounds which is two beyond my initial goal, lost 3 inches off my waist and 3 inches off my hips. My healthy eating habits will sustain and improve me. I have recommended this diet to so many of my friends. And I'm getting a new wardrobe. :)

Jo Rowena I have lost 11 pounds since 8 weeks ago when I started the program! Not bad! 23 pounds to go! I attribute this to the change in the way I eat and the type of food I take! Thanks a million to CGN Diet. This is really the way to go healthy, and very sustainably at that! Actually there are two important things that make me feel happier nowadays: 1) I don't experience the shaking and sleepiness every 11am and 4 pm due to extremely low sugar which I have felt for 2 years now -- I sort of have mastered how to have balanced sugar the whole day through!!! Thanks to CGN tips on GIs and how to find exchanges on meal plans! Yehey!! Of course 1-2x a week I feel like eating some sweets at these hours especially when I am on the go/in the field, so I keep an apple with me always or some nuts (in small containers with 10 nuts each) . Would you believe I counted all the almond nuts and peanuts in a can I bought and then divided by the total calories so I would know how much calorie there is on the average per piece-- so I know I could only eat 10 almond nuts = 63 cal or peanuts at 56 calories total in one seating, just to satiate my hunger, then I turn to apple or veggie snacks. 2) I could wear my old clothes of 1-2 sizes smaller!!! I have opened up my old closets and boxes!!! Because even though I have lost only 11 pounds, somehow my lovehandles have been significantly reduced. I have been doing some exercises and walking 8-10 kms or losing 300-500 Cal (10,000 to 15,000 steps) about 4x a week. Other days I could only manage 3000-5000 steps. I bought this pedometer for P440 at toby's SM Megamall which counts steps, time, distance and Calories. Beautiful!!! It innspires me to walk more, if not for my heavy deskworks!!!

Adelaida One good habit that I have gained since I started the CGN diet is eating veggies during the major meals of the day. I have become more creative with recipes too so that I will be more motivated to keep a healthy lifestyle. The bad habits that I have dropped include eating junk food such as chips and sweets but I do cheat occasionally. I have also started doing regular exercises such as treadmill workout 3 times a week. I didn't like dark chocolate before but now I love it. I also learned to love oat bran with almond milk. Having oat bran was new to me and I only learned about it when I started CGN diet. I didn't like rye bread before but now, I relish it especially when it is crunchy.

Carmela I'm on Day 3 of the diet and I'm surprised at how stable my energy levels are. I've been struggling with low energy since 2009, and have had to take up to 5 naps daily just to cope with my regular itinerary. My husband has been growing concerned about that, because at my age, it isn't normal for anyone to be so weak and sluggish to the point of dozing off frequently. So yeah, thanks to this diet, I'm loving the fact that I can stay awake and alert all day without feeling hungry.

Lizette I am so thankful that I really tried the CGN Diet. At first I was so skeptical because I already tried other diet methods but none was effective. But but but... in CGN, this really works for me. To date, I already lost 40 pounds for only 3 months. My starting weight was 176 pounds and now, kung hindi nagkakamali ang aking weighing scale, I am now at 136 pounds. Even if ang baba ng drop ng weight ko, I dont feel sick. I feel strong. Pero, physically, feeling ko I'm still obese. hehehe... But indeed, my problem now is my clothes. Lahat malalaki na. Good thing, I kept some of my old clothes and I am so happy whenever I wear them. I believe na DETERMINATION is what you really need to lose weight. This is the key to success. If you are determined, everything will follow.. Kaya for others, I know you can do it. Our in-house dietitians will help us..

Shiela Marie I just have to brag about my weight loss, though I still need to work harder :) CGN is the only diet that has worked for me. The CGN team educates me on the food that I eat and it's effect on my body, long term. I'm just happy with my weight loss and is already thinking of extending my subscription.

Ofelia I am very pleased with the program. I started May 06, 2013 and was able to lose 26.5 lbs without hunger pain. Slow yet steady weight loss. I am still 3.5 lbs short of my goal but I am happy with my progress. I am not young (not too old either, only 58) and at my age, losing weight and my stomach is a nightmare. I can wear my size 6 clothes now. My size ranges from 6 to 14. I am almost a professional dieter because I tried several programs before. CGND is the easiest and it works. I do not have to count points, worry about cholesterol from eating all meat, etc. I am grateful...I stumble in this program on the web. Also all my questions are answered quickly. Thank you so much. From hopeful and skeptic to a believer.

Beth What I love in CGN Diet 1. Weight lose is distributed to all parts of the body especially tummy area. 2. At first, I dont appreciate the foods, but as I go farther with the coaching sessions and understand the concepts, I learned to love them. 3. There was a time I dont like the smell of the beef already so I tried to search why it was recommended, and found that grass-fed animals are good source of meat so I have learned to trust more of the meals provided here. 4. Meals are flexible, the provided tools are helpful. 5. Forum helps a lot in guiding us dieters.

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