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Chauchard Tea

Hi, I just started today and I dont have fresh thyme and rosemary so I used dried ones instead. Below is my recipe:

1L water
1 star anise
1/4 teaspoon thyme
1/4 teaspoon rosemary

But the tea seems very light so I am wondering if the measurements for dried spices are enough. Can you advise?

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Is there any other alternative to TEA because tea (and coffee) generally makes me dizzy or gives me a light headache? The caffeine affects my vertigo.

@mabelle1987: Chauchard tea is an herbal infusion that will help you with proper digestion and eliminate retained water. The combination of thyme, star anise, and rosemary is highly beneficial in your detox and weight loss.

For stevia, please see the thread for it here:

HI..just want to know what the tea is for? why isit included in the meal plan all the time? how does it help in losing weight?you mentioned stevia as a sweetener, where can I buy it?is it in powder form or liquid/solid form? ;)

It's okay. Go ahead, Kendz. Please stay hydrated for ample supply of breast milk :-q

Hi! I plan to substitute this Mother's Milk Organic Tea. I hope it's ok. I regularly take the tea for my breastmilk supply.

@ sheryl04: Personally, Chauchard tea's herby taste is actually okay for me. I guess you should try to taste Chauchard tea for yourself. An alternative for it is green tea.

Hi , Aside from Nestea Iced Tea , I don't drink any hot tea or usual tea that served in resto. Is there any alternative drink for Chauchard Tea ..what does it taste like?

@ mikxgabz07: yes you can make a salad out of your vegetables. You may also steam/blanch it :)

haha.. i mean gagawin po bang salad yung vegetables? :-O

@mikxgabz07: Kinakain po ang vegetables. :-q


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