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First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

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FORUM: First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

Weight Loss Rate - P1Wk2 and P2

Hi :-D
I know that for Phase 1 - Week 1, dieters will be able to lose 4-7 lbs. For Phase 1 - Week 2 and Phase 2 onwards, what's going to be the rate of weight loss? Will it be the same as the 1st week?
...assuming of course the diet is followed religiously O:-)

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Feeling weak and grumpy can be avoided if you always eat on time. Dr. Chauchard recommends that your meal times should be like this:

Breakfast 7-9 am
Lunch 12-2 pm
Snack 4-6 pm
Dinner 8-10 pm at the latest

Hope this helps!

can you specify the times to eat bfast lunch snack ad dinner?

Same here. I'm feeling weak and grumpy during week 1. :^>

Im doing 1hr cardio per day.

I am 65kg when i started last monday, today is My 3rd day and I dont lose weight. Everytime I scale nagiging 66kg ako. Pero pag morning nabalik sa 65kg. :( I think ì wont lose tgat much kasi 4th day ko na tomoro pero 66kg nanaman ako. I am following the program strictly po. As in strick. Kasi sanay ako sa gm diet kaya mas easy ito. ; (

I am really satisfied with my phase 1 -week 1 program.. although my week 1 is not done yet cuz it will end tomorrow mar2, but i already lost 5.1 pounds :) Though My week 1 I experience some low energy and weaknessess but i think i recovered from resting well and coping up with my plan diet and a massage for the week :)

I am so thrilled about the rapid weight loss I am experiencing! It is Day 3 for me since I started the program and I have already lost 7 pounds!I am so glad I discovered this program.

Im starting my 2nd week today. Already lost 9 pounds! Weighed myself several times bec it seems to good to be true!

Wow! 13 lbs!!! That's impressive! .... I only lost 5 lbs on my 1st wk, I'm now on my 2nd wk and I hope I can lose more this wk.

Wow I'm so impressed 13 lbs in a week! Congrats ! I will start next Monday!! Hope I'll have the same or close to it!! ;)


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