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Any alternatives for oat bran?

I am starting tomorrow, it's my first day and this is something that I've been looking for since Saturday morning.. I went to Landmark but they don't have it there.. ;(

I am planning of going to Puregold tomorrow morning around 7 am since they open that early.. ;) What if I don't find one? :(

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Hi.My husband bought me oat bran in Landmark supermarket.Brand is austra
lian harvest in green plastic.

@mabelle1987: It depends on the consistency you want to achieve, but I think 1/2 to 1 cup is good enough. :)

@lizareyes27: have you tried wheat grass?

any alternative to oat bran and psyllium?

how much water do i have to put for a 2 tbsp of oat bran?

@healthy5: Psyllium capsules are fine for the mean time. Make sure to follow the recommended dosage.

will psyllium in capsule form qualify if i can't buy tonight?

will psyllium in capsule form qualify if i can't buy tonight?

@ Iwannaloseit GREAT :-q

I found oat bran in robinsons supermarket... Will start tom! :-q


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