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Recommended Restaurant Meals

  • By Catmela
  • On 05/27/2013 10:17 pm

It's unavoidable that we go out to eat every so often. To help support our efforts in the CGN Diet, we need to choose our meal choices wisely.

From your experience, what restaurants and their respective meals would you recommend for us to visit whenever we have to eat out?

One of those places I've recently visited is Hainanese Delights in Robinsons Magnolia. They have a decent steamed fish dish there that goes very well with their ground ginger paste. Another place is Pipino Vegetarian Restaurant in Malingap St., QC and Jupiter St., Makati.

Super Bowl of China also serves good steamed whitefish seasoned with spring onion and sesame oil. Very simple, very clean.

By no means are these dishes substitutes for our meals while on the CGN Diet, but knowing that we have more options out there will help keep us sane whenever we're stuck outside without clean food on hand. :)

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Looks yummy! We don't have Sariwon here in Alabang, but there's also a nearby Korean restaurant that we go to when we want to have vegetables or red rice, called Soga Miga. :)

For those who are Blood Type O and love Korean food, I recommend Sariwon Korean Barbecue in the new Promenade building in Greenhills and Bulgogi Brothers in Greenbelt 5. Korean food offers a lot of choices for Blood Type O such as beef bulgogi with lettuce leaves as wraps and bibimbap with egg and veggies. Korean restaurants always provide several side dishes with whatever one orders. I avoid the kimchi made of cabbage and the peanuts though. I just eat the vegetable salad. Attached is a photo of the food that my family ordered for lunch today at Sariwon Korean Barbecue restaurant.

@ladymayo: Great tips! I'm going to try them.
I always go for the Roka Salata at Cyma, but it isn't exactly the healthiest thing. :D

Yes it's hard to believe that these dishes can come from a restaurant dedicated for the love of Magnum :) This is proof that there's no excuse to overindulge when you are eating out. There is always a healthy choice and you can always order a balanced meal :)

Here is a picture of the wonderful salad they serve at the Magnum Cafe in SM Aura.

Would you believe that there are great hot meals at the Magnum Cafe in SM Aura? They serve delicious roast chicken there and great salad. If it happens to be your cheat day, you can treat yourself with a bar of Magnum ice cream after! : )

IF any of you happen to be in Trinoma or Shangri-La Plaza by lunchtime and you are looking for a fabulous salad that will satisfy your appetite, go to CYMA. The CYMA house mixed greens salad is simply divine! The solo serving comes in a huge bowl which consists of lettuce, arugula, walnuts, pears, cucumbers and a wonderful salad dressing.

When you happen to be in the mall like Trinoma during lunchtime, I recommend the following places which serve great salads:
California Pizza - they serve this super delicious Mediterranean salad
Vanilla Cupcake Bakery - they serve a nice Asian salad
Old Spaghetti House - they also serve this wonderful salad
Mary Grace - they also have a wide array of yummy salads
Kenny Rogers - they have a healthy meal with either chicken breast or fish served with salad. Just skip the rice or corn.

I always bring my thermos of Chauchard tea every time I go malling so that I can have it during lunch. I was able to buy a small slim thermos which can fit my bag.

I felt inspired and compelled by this thread, that's why I decided to write an 'almost' exhaustive list of what to eat at fastfoods and restaurants. Check out my blog here:

Feel free to ask very specific questions too in my blog's comment box :)

btw, sp16 and victoriacastillo have some very nice suggestions here :-q

@sp16 Great selections! :-q I for one also love Pancake House since they're flexible, specially when you want to eat healthy (except for the iced tea, which can't be substituted). I love the options for whole wheat bread and for wheat and rye for pancakes and waffles, at no extra cost. I hope they still have rye; it's been a while since they had it! I love the salmon and tabbouleh there. They have many healthy options because their owner is also a health buff. :)

I also bring my own syrup at Pancake House! And I use very little.


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