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First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

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FORUM: First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

First week of my CGN diet


Welcome to your official week 1 on the program ! =D

Are your food ingredients complete?
Have you followed your breakfast meal plan?
What about your lunch?
Is everything ready for your dinner meal?
Does anyone missed on his/her meal already?

How does it feel to start your diet taking a conscious effort to stick to your meal plan?
Let's share stories and get motivations from each other.

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@Rlin19ph: Yes, there is a recommended order of eating the food per meal, but this is optional. Losing 5 lbs in 1 week is a very good progress already. Keep it up!

I tried to stick to the menu as strictly as possible. But i didnt know that there should be a sequence on how and when you should eat your food in the menu per mealtime. Im on my 6th day and it was only now that i came to know that. I just placed every thing on my plate and munched them alternatively. Sometimes, i do that to cover or combine the taste of another food with the other. Hope it didnt affect the weight im supposed to lose. Anyway, ive already lost 5 pounds since last night.

@helen589: Good job on renewing your program in preparation for Phase 3! Congrats on reaching your target weight and good luck on the next hurdle on your weight loss journey: maintaining the weight you lost. Good luck! Stay in touch with your dietitians :)


I'm excited to start tomorrow (Jan 20) Week1 of my stabilization diet (Stage 3). I survived! and moving onwards. I managed to lose around 14 lbs in 7 weeks with a few "cheats" along the way, thanks to "Joker". I have lost my target 10 lbs already, in fact i have lost 4 lbs more even though I couldn't carry out the 5,000 steps daily must-do.
It took discipline and commitment to lose those unwanted pounds. The same discipline and commitment will see me through Stage 3 and everyday onwards as I integrate healthy eating habits into my lifestyle. After 7 weeks in Phase1 & 2, I don't crave for rice anymore. I survive gracefully on the occasional brown rice set in the weekly meal plan. Now i love to eat raw cucumber and carrots. Nobody could force me to eat raddish before i enrolled in CGN, but now raw raddish is part of my breakfast meal! way to go!

Good luck to all who are just starting Phase1. Let's stay healthy! cheers!!

@ makario101: Please ask me through the Personal Questions tool so we can draft a strategy together!

@ ebette: Great job so far! It is indeed very challenging to adapt to a diet, to a new way of eating. You'll see that in the next few days, these hunger pangs will slowly disappear. Always drink plenty of water, Chauchard tea, and always eat your oat bran to help you curb hunger pangs.

Doing this diet is a challenge esp if I have lunch or dinner engagements. Last night I stuck to Cesar's salad and only a bit of salmon. I feel hungry all the time though. But I am steadfast in my resolve to stick to this diet because on this 3rd day I can feel my old blouse smoothly slip over my hips :)

I'm now working in a straight night shift (Monday to Friday). Is there any way that the program can be revised since it's only applicable in daytime?

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@kit_katx: It is recommended to eat your red meats at daytime bec. they are harder to digest than white meats (fish, chicken). But, you can eat fish at lunch. It is just that red meats contain nutrients like heme iron so it's impt that you have a varied source of protein rich foods.

For 4 pm snack it is either fruit + 2 sq. dark chocolate OR nuts + 2 sq. dark chocolate. You can eat more of fruits than nuts.

Hi, I started my program today. So fa, I've followed Monday's meal plan to the letter (even asked my yaya to make the Chaucard tea for my baon along with the lunch today)
The only challenge so far is the timing of the meals...I'm not used to having breakfast early so this morning I was eating a few minutes before 8am and finished around8:30 already. Same with lunch. 12-12:30nn. I'll try to be more conscious of meal times.


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