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FORUM: Sports and Exercise

Excuses for exercise

Hello everyone,

I know the weather is not being exercise friendly lately. But, I also believe that it isn't only during this cold weather days that you don't feel like exercising so tell me, what are your excuses not to start exercising? Or not to continue exercising?

Let's help each other stay motivated with diet and exercise! :)

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@sp16: unfortunately, I wouldn't count the household chores you mentioned as enough physical activity , unless if you reach 10,000 steps just by doing the grocery :) mopping the floor and doing the laundry the old-fashioned way are the best chores to do if you want to squeeze in some physical activity. :)

I need more sleep, I'm too lazy, and I need to be with someone when I exercise :-S What I love doing though are, washing the dishes, cooking, baking and doing the grocery :)) Are these considered exercises? hehe :)

Exactly. That's why when you do lose weight, it's a real achievement to do it and to stay at that weight. Not everyone can do it. When you get there, count yourself among the elite who did. :-q

As a full time mom, full time tutor to my 9yr old kid, full time wife and a full time career woman, it is really hard for me to work out whenever i get home.. But if time really permits, i really do the stationary bike..

I just hate the fact that its easy to eat a 300 - 500 calorie food and yet its very hard to burn even a 100 calories.. Hehehe well thats life... :)

I enjoy exercises -- weight training in particular. It makes you sweat to the max. It targets specific body parts. The best thing about it - you will see the results every 2-3 days -- butt, thigh, abs, obliques, arm - getting smaller and smaller; fats burned. How I do it? Simply following my favorite exercise video by The Firm (Lower Body Sculpting, Total Aerobic Mix, 5-day Abs, etc.). Available in video stores. Of course, I resumed my exercise only after I lost some 30 pounds during my first 3 months of CGN diet. I felt lighter and therefore - time to complement the amazing diet. I've resized my office uniform twice already since sets were delivered last June.

I've always been lazy to exercise. ALWAYS!

But I've been exercising regularly for seven years now. :)

I see it as something as I MUST do, even when I was doing something as mundane as jump rope...and I kept that regularly for two years, and that's how I lost about 25 or so pounds.

But I got used to it. It became a habit. And this Turbo Fire workout I'm doing now is soooooooooo addictive. I really am looking forward to it every day! Me! A so-called exercise hater! :-q

  • Posted by Catmela
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

My usual excuse: I'm feeling lazy. Which is not so much of an excuse as it is the truth. :D

But then I remind myself of how good it feels after even just 30 minutes of exercising. Sometimes I also check out my butt while I work out. And I visualize myself as a zombie apocalypse survivor -- you can't klll 'em Zeds if you're not strong. These are what motivate me to keep moving.

Discipline and determination? All right, let me ask you now. on a scale of 1-10, (10 being the highest), what is your motivation to lose weight?
Think of the reason why you even chose to enroll and start this program. :-q

your success on this diet depends on your compliance. We are all here for you! :) :-q

lack of self discipline and determination. this is my problem :D
not fully motivated because no full support from members of the family. They are just too lazy to exercise with me because they thought it's me who needs to exercise more as i am overweight and they are not. :P

Have you ever heard yourself saying, "Exercise is a big waste of time. I should have done something else.." ever? Truth is, a time well spent on a good workout is a time that you will never regret spending. It is a time that should never be compromised with anything else, because a time spent for health is an time invested for a longer life.



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