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Time to exercise

In CGN Diet there is the right time in eating meals, as for exercising can u suggest when is the best time to exercise, before or after meal, morning or night?

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@crissy628: You can play badminton as it is a good light-intensity cardio exercise. Have a snack before you play, like a cup of yogurt and a fruit. Drink plenty of water during the time you are playing. After playing, you can eat your recommended meal (lunch and dinner) immediately.

Hi! I occasionally play badminton but not as regularly as before. what do I do if I plan to play? I usually play for about an hour to an hour and a half. That doesn't include the time I sit in between. How do I prepare for it and what can I do afterwards? Thanks so much!

Hi rjunelil,

Yes, the BelleToday exercises are recommended for CGN dieters :) You may follow it as your regular exercise regimen.

ive seen the routine exercises in belle it allowed in cgn clients?..bec i think belle have a different menu for them.ryt? we just have to exercise for the phase 2?..

Hi Chelzy :)

Exercises are best recommended during phase 2 of the program. You may do it before having a full meal either early in the morning at night. It actually depends on you. For some, it works for them when they do it early in the morning as it helps boost the energy for the whole day :-q


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