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FORUM: Recipes

soy sauce, etc

Hi, is it ok to use soy sauce and other seasonings in our dishes? Thanks!

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You can check out Bragg's amino acid to substitute for soy sauce. i suppose its healthier

  • Posted by matchfox
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

Thanks, Charmaine! I don't use mayo, ketchup nor salt, but I do want to use soy sauce and worcestershire for my beef (and all spice). I'll just take your advice and use 1tsp only.

Hi matchfox!

If you are going to use soy sauce, salt and other condiments (worcestershire ,ketchup, mayonnaise), keep it at a minimum, since they are high in sodium content, and fat and cholesterol content for mayonnaise. Do not exceed 1 tsp when you are using it to flavor your meals. It is better to use herbs and spices when cooking you meals!


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