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FORUM: Recipes

baking beef

What is the best way for baking beef in the oven so that it comes out tasty and soft? Thanks!

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@ Jsytian : You can pan fry the beef patty but use the least oil as possible

Hello.... I dont have oven... If im gonna use microwave oven... Ilan minutes para maluto ung beef patty? Anung pwede i mix sa beef patty? Thanks :(

@ cutielala: yes, you can have that occasionally :)

Hi, can I use cooked frozen beef patty and just have it re-heat?

@ peaceinsolitude87: Yes, or a turbo broiler.

Hi I don't have an oven. Can I use my microwave?

@ Kendz: yes you can use convection oven or turbo broilers. Just make sure you use a minimum amount of oil.

Is there alternative to baking? We don't use ovens at home. Sa convection oven or turbo iluto, pwede kaya?

Mix it with the beef :) If you want to cut back on cholesterol, add only the egg white. :-q

  • Posted by matchfox
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

Thanks, Laarni. How do you add the egg? Beat it and dip the beef in it?


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