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FORUM: Recipes

meals with no recipe links

hi. some of the meals have no recipe links.
like baked chicken patty, sauteed ground chicken with onion and chicken cutlets marinated in ginger.

are we at liberty to use onion and garlic or other allowed spices for them?
for the sauteed food, i assume we can use a tbsp of olive oil?
and if no method of cooking was mentioned like the chicken cutlets, is it ok to saute them in a tbsp of olive oil?


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I'm a working mom. I really don't cook. I just depend on my helper. But with this diet plan, i try to cook following your recipes however I had a hard time for those meals with no recipes. What I do is to surf to the internet those recipes but there are many recipes available. It's hard for me to choose which recipe to follow. I just check if the ingredients are allowed for me base on my list of favorable and neutral foods on your bonus tools. Most recipes are good for 4 to 6 servings, i just divide the amount of ingredients needed to 4 for me to get the amount needed for one serving. Will that be okay???? Is it possible you can put all the right recipes of all the meals included in the meal plans that you made for us so that I can have peace of mind that what I'm doing is right?

@ peaceinsolitude87: That's perfect! Just make sure you don't add sugar and too much salt when cooking. Good job!

I got bored with mt fish. So earlier I made sinigang na cream dory with lemon instead of tamarind soup base. It tastes awesome! ;)

You may use calamansi for sinigang also.

i also miss sinigang so i just put aapple cider vinegar in the beef broth...

Thanks Laarni :) I will just try to do it if I'm bored of the normal stir fry, broiled, boiled recipe ;)



@Veryannie:As much as possible we want you to avoid any instant seasoning mixes, but you may have it occasionally in minimal amounts. You may have sinigang of course :-q

I'm assuming that I change the menu right? Can I cook sinigang and just put add more veggies like radish, kangkong? *-:) However, we do not have the real tamarind fruit here so I will be using sinigang mix... is that allowed?

great! thanks! :-q

Yup, you have the right idea. :) Stay away from frying and grilling, and use healthy fat whenever possible. :-q


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