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FORUM: Recipes

Let us know what you think of our CGN recipes!

Hi CGN dieters,

I hope you are all doing a great job with your program. This forum is opened for all feedback about the recipes on the site. Are they easy to follow, easy to prepare, tasty, etc.?

Let us know!

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CGN recipes are good but my problem is there are meal plans with no recipes. I really don't cook but with this diet plan I tried to cook. Can you please give us at least the basic recipes of these meal plans for me to know what I'm doing is right and using the right ingredients.

Hi guys!

Please do not hesitate to tell us about any errors, problems, difficulties you have encountered in the recipes. We're ready to assist you. ;)

Hi dione!

Good suggestion! :-q unfortunately we do not have the 'LIKE' button for now.

Do we have a like button? :D Yup, that's noted! Thanks...

Hi Dione! :)

For the recipes that are too general, it only goes to say that you can actually cook it your way. Given the principles of the diet, you are to avoid high heat cookery such as grilling, deep-frying, cooking with breading. You should avoid eating foods with black substances from too much heat since it is carcinogenic. You may steam, stir-fry in olive oil, poach, boil your food.

I'm fine with the recipe. Just the meal plan. Sometimes, the meals indicated in the plan are too general (ex. 120g chicken cutlets marinated in ginger). Since I am following a strict diet, I need to know how I should cook this. Maybe, you could indicate in the plan how the food should be cooked (ex. 2pc poached egg, at least I know the eggs are to be poached, with the chicken(?), I don't know how). The reason I am pointing this out is because I am following the exact amount of food to be consumed but I might be cooking it the wrong way.


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