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Taste buds

I would just like to know if it is normal for people who have adjusted to the CGN to have stronger sense of taste after sometime? I am on my third week but went back to phase 1 because of the past weekend activities. I cannot take cottage cheese and low fat soy cheese which are both fine before. I wonder if this is usual?

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definitely flavor. for the past 2 weeks, i havent put salt to my food (even if listed in the recipe). okay, good to know that this is fine. probably i dont feel it with any other food than cheese because until now i still do not put salt to anything. thanks! :-q

Hi Ann! I went through the same thing. Because I limited my salt for the first phase, I'm sensitive to flavor now. I don't season my food except for herbs and the occasional sprinkle of cheese. is your problem with cheese and soy milk a flavor issue, or does your stomach reject the dairy? if it's flavor, maybe its the whole rebooted tongue thing. if its bowel, maybe it has something to do with your bloodtype? I'm an A, so that means I'm lactose intolerant, and I HAVE become more sensitive to milk after phase one and two. In fact, I dont prefer ice cream and cream based desserts, but i still love cheese. maybe it's a preference thing.

Yes, Anne! It's one of the good thing that the CGN diet does to you. Your palate is being reset so that everything becomes too salty or too sweet as an effect, you lessen you sweets and salt intake. But on the other hand, this might not be true if you cheated on your meals quite often.


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