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FORUM: Questions on Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

fish oil and psyllium husk

I take fish oil and psyllium husk on a daily basis.

fish oil - high in omega 3

psyllium husk - to aid with my fiber deficiency.

should i eliminate these from my diet once i start the program?

Ideally, I should be eliminating waste on a daily basis right?

If this is not the case, is this an indication that the fiber from my "Suggested meal" is not sufficient? In such case how should I respond?

1)Report to your office so you can adjust my meal?
2)take fiber supplements?

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Hahahaha it's okay. How long have you been using it though?

I used to take just a tablespoonful after my dinner every night, and it helps me every morning. I've been able to stop, I think, because I exercise regularly, and I've found that when I ease on exercise, I am not as regular as I should be.

Last time I seeked professional help, after going through colonoscopy, I was recommended to take it twice a day.

I was advised that once my bowel movements become more regular, I can eliminate it gradually so my body doesnt get used to relying on added fiber provided by the psyllium husk.

But when I did that, I went back to my original problem.

So now, twice a day (if I remember)

Without it, I do number 2 like twice a week. DISGUSTING!!! sorry... :^>

Should be fine to stick with them. :) How often do you take psyllium husk though?

I also used to take psyllium husk daily (just every night), for a few years. Until I got tired of having to go and buy it. Even without it, I haven't had trouble anymore. And to be honest, my fiber intake from food still leaves a lot to be desired. :) I still drink a lot of water though.


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