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FORUM: Questions on Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

I gained 2 lbs!!!

I lost 4 lbs in my first 2 weeks. Now that im on week 3, i started gaining weight again. When i checked yesterday, i gained 1lb, and today, 1lb more... PANIC! what could i have done wrong? I'm pretty sure im not pms-ing. could it be the whole wheat bread? the brown rice? or the low fat milk (can't find a totally non-fat) which I replaced for yoghurt. These are the only additional food in my meal this week. soo SAD.

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thanks karenanxa :)

@ Atheanna: No worries! That's exactly what the tools here are for. To share your experiences, feelings, and any concerns. :)
Congratulations on the skinny pants! It's great that your husband noticed the weight loss too. :-q

Thanks for the encouragement Victoria. I was so upset last night, but my husband kept convincing me that I already slimmed down. Actually, I noticed it too, I just don’t understand why the weighing scale doesn’t translate so. I followed Dr. Chauchard’s advice to weigh daily, so that we can quickly take actions if we suddenly regain few pounds. I normally do it in the morning (w/ empty stomach) and at night, same scale. So far the fluctuation is consistent regardless of the time. But the not-so-good effect, well for me, is that my emotion fluctuates as well, along with my weight, haha.
I guess I have to stick with how I feel and what I see in the mirror. I really feel that I am losing weight and one gauge is just this morning I actually fit in one of my skinny pants which I haven’t worn for months, yey! I believe you, that I just need to do it consistently, it may take a while, but it will surely pay off. I have done this before, after giving birth to my 2nd child, I religiously hit the gym, and after 2 months I got my desired weight. Since I don’t have time for gym anymore, it’s time to correct my eating habits, which is more beneficial and permanent.
Thanks! Thanks! :) (sorry if this post is too long)

Don't worry! If you weigh yourself everyday, you'll definitely see those fluctuations :D You could have had more water (or more salt) yesterday than the day before. It also depends on you bowel movement. I remember gaining a womping 4 lbs because my body was adjusting to the introduction of bread on phase 3. But eventually it stablilized. Keep going and dont give up!

Please don't get discouraged by this. Weight loss is never linear, and a little fluctuation from time to time is expected.

I can't find the forum thread anymore, but I recall Suzanne (suzanneong) and Angela (mabc21), who are both following the diet, advising that it may also have to do with the timing at which you weigh yourself. You'll definitely see fluctuations in between days, so they advised that weekly weigh-ins (at the same time, under the same conditions) are the better gauge than daily weigh-ins.

I admit, Chrono-Geno-Nutrition wasn't the diet I followed, but I've also had my own share of fluctuations throughout my weight loss history. I didn't let that discourage me, and I just kept going on with the good habits I developed. It took me several months, perhaps a few years even, before I definitely saw and felt the results (and that they were permanent). That's how I knew how my persistence, despite some perceived setbacks, paid off. :)


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