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Type O - Foods to Avoid

I'm a little bit confused with the meals provided. I'm trying to modify the meal plan using the GI, Meal Equivalence and the Favorable, Neutral and Foods to Avoid list/grid and I'm seeing that there are contradictions. Like under Blood Type O I can have butter [neutral], but then I'm supposed to avoid all dairy products. I guess it's just confusing when you want to change your set meal with food equivalents that are good for you in order to have the same effect.

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I am sorry to say, you are not allowed to have it. It will ruin your diet if you do. I suggest you opt for sparkling water instead or a glass of red wine occasionally.

I have a different question but under the same category..every Friday me & hubby enjoy a few drinks with friends (Hard Liqour), is there even an allowable amount?


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