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Is "Joker" a cheat MEAL or a cheat DAY?
Does it mean you can eat prohibited food for your blood type OR you can just not follow the meal plan for that particular (MEAL/DAY)?

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@Patitillo: Read Dr. Chauchard's Wednesday session to know more about the Joker meal :-q

Sorry I am confused when you use your joker what do you do after? Go to phase 1 how long? One day?

A cheat "DAY"? Ano kayo, sinuswerte? :-q Hehe, just teasing.
Even whatever I considered a cheat "day", was always just a cheat "meal" to me.

Correct me if I'm wrong, Charmaine and Faith, but the joker/wildcard/cheat doesn't necessarily refer to the blood type food? I mean, for example, beef is a toxic food for your blood type...but as long as you eat a serving of beef according to the prescribed amount for your diet and as a well followed substitute for your meal plan, it's not considered a cheat.

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@kit_katx: Yes that would be a JOKER. Ideally, you still don't have a JOKER card at Phase 1.

Anyway, what is done is done. Just be diligent in following your Phase 2 meals this week. You already used the joker last week, so you have none left this week.

We went to the mall and because I want to treat my mom we ate "value meal" in one of the restaurant during snack (that's between 4-5pm) which consists of carbonara, 2 slices of pizza, chicken finger and iced tea. (Small serving) Then I drank green tea after. Is this considered as JOKER or what I ate is too much? Haha! I really felt so guilty.

I'm still on phase 1 and this should be my last week. Does this mean I can't start Phase 2 on Monday? Should I repeat phase 1 again for 2 weeks? Or should I just fast or like a 3 day detox plan?

Thanks! enlightened..

Thank you Ms. Laarni! :-q

That means you can eat whatever you are craving for as JOKER for a single cheat meal per week. :)


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