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ISOMALT - the only sugar replacer made from pure beet sugar that tastes as naturally sweet as conventional sugar.

I attended a no sugar-added seminar where Isomalt is used in cake, cookies and brownies. The baked goodies are so yummy, you won't even think there's no sugar on them. Some benefits: toothfriendly, reduced-calorie and low glycemic.

Isomalt is advised to not be consumed in quantities larger than about 50 g per day for adults and 25 g for children. It may upset the stomach because the body treats it as a dietary fiber instead of as a simple carbohydrate. Therefore, like most fibers, it can increase bowel movements. As with other dietary fibers, regular consumption of isomalt might eventually lead one to become desensitized to it, decreasing the risk of stomach upset.

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Yes of course, Abi! When will you bring brazo de mercedez again? :-q

Thanks for commenting, Laarni. I agree that I or we (people under CGN program) should not use Isomalt as an excuse to eat sweets. The reason I posted this is to increase awareness of people that there are other products that they can use aside from artificial sweeteners. Also, since I'm into baking, this is a good news to me. I can now offer healthier baked goodies to everyone :) .

Nice post! :-q

I have read the claims of this product and basically, there's no official claims to consider this product as generally recognized as safe and form the stand point of WHO, there's no specific acceptable daily intake recommended. However, based on the resource you got, 'Isomalt is advised to not be consumed in quantities larger than about 50 g per day for adults and 25 g for children.'

From my point of view, considering the principles of this program, I do not actually recommend to use this just to give in to your sweet cravings thinking that this sugar is a good kind. We want to eliminate, rather lessen your inclination to sweets and improve your taste buds that is why we are limiting the use of sugar, even substitutes.

However, on your cheat days or if you must really eat a dessert, knowing that Isomalt is used as an ingredient will put you on the safe side. After all, this sugar is likely considered as less evil than all other sweeteners available.

As it is, keep everything natural.


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