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Junk Food

What do you think of this type of Pringles? It says multi grain and each serving is at 140cals.

Or is there an advisable (least evil) type or brand of junk food we can munch on if ever we have cravings?

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great, thanks for the tip! i like the sound of homemade potato chips. :-q

1 oz (barely a handful) of Pringles is already 140 calories, 70 calories from fat, and sodium is 150 mg already. Definitely not a good kind of snack. Even it says multi-grain, its fat and salt content in 1 portion is still high.

Good options for me are plain homemade popcorn, or homemade potato chips. You can run the potatoes on a mandolin, or slice very thinly, add enough salt and pepper and pop in the oven :) Of course, these snacks are still high in GI.


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