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Cheating and Fasting

I read in the FAQ that if I deviated from the program I need to fast for 18 hours. I cheated today so I will only be able to eat at 3PM tomorrow T_T

Is it okay not to eat that long? Can't I have any veggies (e.g. carrot sticks, steamed spinach) to get through the hunger pangs?

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Alright! :) I'll compile all my questions first before I send you a message. Thanks!


The fating isn't really necessary unless you reach weight plateau for 1 week or two and if you pig out for like more than three consecutive days, if it's a cheat meal or just a simple diet slip, I suggest you only do a day of no carbs just like the meal pattern for phase 1 and then you should be on track again :)

For fasting method, please do send me a message first in the personal questions tool so that I can best assist you and make it more personal :-q


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