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Bloated feeling

I ate my dinner last night at 8 PM and went to bed by past 12, I woke up in the morning feeling bloated. Is it normal to have a bloated feeling in the morning while in this diet?

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what is the taste of the chauchard tea? *-:)

I just want to share my experience concerning feeling bloated. I used to have the same problem - feeling bloated specially inthe evening regardless of what I eat. I have recently undergone Appendectomy and the doctor mentioned that feeling bloated is one of the common signs of appendicitis. Please check with your doctor. It is better safe than sorry. O:-)

Hi Chloe,

I suggest you have yourself check by the doctor because if you are feeling bloated for a long time now, it can be cause by other factors. Anyway, do you have any food intolerance? like lactose, egg, or gluten? It is a possible cause.

Let me know the doctor's findings okay?


I have been drinking the tea but am still bloated.

Last time i did #2 was monday pa. Im a lil concern, iv always had problems but its never been this long.

Hoe can i adjust my diet?

HI Laarni

I just want to agree with chauchard tea, i observed it has been good to me that is why even i dont like the smell, i drink it every meal.

Before this diet i was always bloated and hyperacidic, but the tea relief me.

It is one thing that i appreciate with CGN Diet

Bloating may be caused by several factors, it can be indigestion or you might eaten a food that your body cannot tolerate. This happens also when you are stressed. I suggest you take hot tea after your meal to help you with digestion. The Chauchard tea is best to take when you experience bloating.


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