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Foods to avoid in Blood Type B

Please help as I am a little confused......

ON today's "coaching session" I was warned that based on my Blood Type (B) I should avoid:

# Want grain-based products? Just avoid bagels,...... and OAT BRAN.

# Stop drinking strong alcoholic beverages, .... and COFFEE (even decaf).


In my Meal plan, even in Phase 1, It clearly specifies that:
1) I can choose between tea OR COFFEE for breakfast.
2) I can have oat bran

Please clarify this discrepancy.


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All right, here's the explanation for that, Coffee and wheat products are listed in the 'to avoid' list yet we include that in your meals because they are considered highly beneficial in your diet especially oat bran. On the inclusion of coffee, we are giving you the leeway to actually choose because for most of us Filipinos, coffee is already a staple for breakfast.

Please do note that there are actually no "to avoid" foods rather those should be consumed in limited amounts. Oat bran is highly exceptional for this matter. I sincerely apologize for the confusion, Chloe. I hope this explains it better now.


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