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I lost 6 lbs already

I lost 6 lbs already. As of sunday. I am continuing my diet. I weighed last night. It seemed like i gained 4 lbs. So sad!

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Hi Nida,

Congratz for shedding those 2 pounds! :) It depends where you are going to spend your bonding time. Me and my friends usually meet up and have coffee (usually end up in Starbucks). I just order their green tea (i don't pour in the honey). Some branches offer salad. When i was still in phase1, I ate salad twice in restaurants (most restaurants serve salad). I try not to pour the dressing on my salad (that's where the calories are). I also removed the croutons and bacon bits (i really tried not to cheat during phase 1). A lot of restaurants, even fast foods offer something healthy in their menu. Good luck! :)

  • Posted by nynyn612
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

Doing the diet for 5 days, I lost 2 lbs! Yey! However, next week, me and my friends will have bonding time, so we have to eat out. What to do? Help!

thanks! Im so happy, Im down to 104lbs....2 lbs to go...yehey!

Keep up the good work, Suzette! Looks like you body has a lot of getting used to.

@ Suzzell: It varies among women, but on average, most women experience it about one week before their period. =)
The symptoms also vary...but I usually know I'm PMS-ing when I feel bloated...I suddenly gain 5 lbs even. Then a few days later, those 5 lbs disappear. :)

  • Posted by suzzell
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

how do we know that we are PMS-ing? one week before our menstration or just 3 days before? sometimes i want to eat sweets dont know if its connected with that or not.

Also, I read that "a day without a bowel movement is equal to 2 pounds or more". That might be one of the reasons too.

oh...i hope thats the cause....thanks!!!

If your period is coming up, that might be one possible reason for the fluctuation. Don't worry. Just keep it up. As long as you continue to follow the diet, the results will come. :)


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