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Substitute for Almonds

Low salted, less grease nuts is a good substitute for Almonds right? Is this also the same as peanuts? Haha sorry for the confusion. I only read now that peanuts is not good for Type O. Is this also the same to those we can buy in the streets? I bought roasted peanuts (the cooked one - without salt).

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@ aimeevr23: You may look at other nuts substitute on the List of Preferred, Neutral and Unfavorable food for your Blood Type under Tools > Bonus

Im Type B, and I need to eat almonds. But I REALLY DONT LIKE them. Actually, nuts in general. I only eat Pistachios. What's a good substitute for Almonds?

Sorry to say that cashews are unfavorable for type A. It's also one of the fattier nuts, so it's best to limit it. Almonds are one of the less fatty nuts, and they're available in SM. Peanuts are favorable for type A. :)

You can check this also by going to Tools > Bonus and seeing the list of favorable, neutral, and unfavorable food for your blood type. :)

Can I substitute Cashew Nuts or Peanuts for Almonds? These are my favorite nuts and it is readily available in SM where I do my weekly grocery. My blood type is A

@kit_katx: Read the label properly. I'm sure it will mention what kind of nuts is in the pack.

Peanuts are the most commonly sold type of nuts here in the Phils. They are those we usually take as a snack (Happy, Growers etc) and the nuts we buy on the street.

Since peanuts is unfavorable for Blood Type O, I suggest that you limit its intake to not more than 2 times a week.


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