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Where do you buy quinoa?

Anybody knows where to get quinoa? Thanks.

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you can find at s&R non fat yogurt by big sizes. Our diet require us to consume so much non fat yogurt so i decided to make my own yogurt, you could save if you learn how to make your own yogurt by learning here I made my own yogurt, its fun! I took the bacteria from bulla Lite n happy plain yogurt (bought it at S&R), shared a picture of my perfect yogurt (on the left side) :)

Where do you guys buy plain non fat yogurt?

i found quinoa at s&r shaw branch :)

If you're also a member of S&R they have it by the bulk. ;)

@ miamak: At Metro Gaisano supermarket, Makati supermarket and Healthy Options. Some Savemore branches around Metro Manila may have it too :)


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