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Hello everyone!

The Chrono-Geno Nutrition Diet meals has a lot of vegetables in it and it has been your only carb fuel for the first 2 weeks of the diet. Having trained to eat vegetables at the start of the program, what is your most favorite vegetable of all and what is that one thing you will never like?

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I made an easy vegetable juice recipe:

Let me know if the quantities are okay, and if it tastes f=great for you

my usual is cucumber, tomato, carrot & lettuce. I eat it during breakfast and dinner :-q

@ little_liebchen: woohoo! spicy it is. :-q Dr. Chauchard actually wrote a blog tackling the benefits of eating spicy food. I hope you can take time to read it too. ;)

i like cucumber with onion, apple cider vinegar and chili >:)

i love lettuce and cucumber, it is easy to prepare. I dont like most are basil and celery

Yes Anne. it is said that 1 glass of wheat grass is already equivalent to 1 kilogram vegetables. :)

I prefer cucumber and asparagus over carrots and lettuce. I like sauteed ampalaya with egg/chicken. :D

How about on days when vegetables are not available, is wheatgrass a good replacement?


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