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First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

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FORUM: First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

Cheated on the diet using the joker how to get back on track?

Cheated for a couple of days and ready to get back on the diet . I'm on my 2nd week do I start the week over or the whole thing over or make up for the days I missed? Please advise

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Cheated a LOT during phase 1 but I still managed to lose 2kgs. I wish to go back to phase 1 after this week, :-S

Phase 1 usually takes 2 weeks, before when I cheated depending on the amount of cheat, I would either go back to phase 1 for a day, or sacrifice some like for example if I eat chips for merienda, I won't eat the chocolate and fruits anymore and lessen my intake at night :) There were times where I went on fasting for 18 hours after a buffet dinner. Then after continued my diet, though it's not always advisable to do it often O:-)

  • Posted by Jgreyes
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

@ chloe_jane23

well, you did kinda help with giving me ideas through what you did :) wow you can go to the gym on this diet? yay for you! :-q i'm going to try exercising after phase 1

i'm going to try extending the days i did cheat. luckily i did not gain on the days I used the joker but am hoping i'll lose now that i'm back on the diet!

let me know if you find more ways

on another note, can you extend phase 1? or do the cycle again (be on it for 1 month?) or do you have to continue to phase 2?

@ Jgreyes:

No im not actually suggesting to "work it off" On the day I cheated I gained myself the following day and I gained half a kilo. So late that afternoon I went to the gym, stuck to the meal plan for the day and the next day I was 1 kilo lighter.

I was merely pointing out that thats what I did. but if you think about it, its effective but unsustainable.

So I Was seconding ur thread about "cheating" and was also wondering how to progress from here. whether to continue the days missed? what to do the day after ur joker? and so on.....

sorry wasnt really helpful.

  • Posted by Jgreyes
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

I was out of town to visit relatives and you know how those things get, so @chloe_jane you're suggesting working off the cheated days? I was there 3 days so thats an additional 3 days extension in phase 1 then =(( I'm breastfeeding and what the nutritionist told me is to just increase my serving of protein and greens, maybe you should try that?

@chellzy want to try the same method? How many days did you guys cheat?

Me too! And im just on my first week.

Not so much cravings but feel extremely lethargic and cant mentally function and i cant affort that really with my work and thesis.

But what i do is i work it off the next day. So i lose whatever i gained for the meal i cheated.

Is that ok?

Same here cheated this week because of some gatherings, what should we do?


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