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FORUM: First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

super hungry on the first day

haaays, why am i so hungry today? can i munch on veggies anytime? i think im gonna collapse and im so hungry! please help anyone, the hotline promised to call me to give me assistance on my question but nobody called...

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  • Posted by Catmela
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

@Cqnunez Same here. I used to have only 1-2 cups of coffee for breakfast, then lots of midmorning snacks, a heavy lunch, more afternoon snacks, a heavy dinner (mostly my son's leftovers), and a late-night cup of coffee and usually a high-sugar or salty snack.

It's a new thing for me to prepare my own meals and eat on time every 4 hours, with no other snacking in between aside from the 4pm snack. I guess the biggest thing that I miss is my late-night cup of coffee.


Carrots belong to the med-high GI category when cooked. :)

Hi Victoria,

Question, if carrots are high GI, how come I have carrot salad on my Week 1 meal plan? I'm type O.

it was the reverse for me. i used to have only coffee for breakfast. then lunch. then no dinner. now i'm kind of getting myself used to eating something for breakfast, snack, and dinner.

Hi Janice, during phase 1, your carbohydrates are restricted...if you eat cabbage (low-GI) and carrots (high-GI), don't expect the best detox and weight loss results than if you strictly followed the meal plans. Low-GI carbs are only slowly permitted when you get to phase 2.

If you're hungry, you can drink tea (Chauchard or green tea, with stevia or no sugar) or water instead.

tnx! i dont like the taste of yogurt, its okay to drink nonfat milk instead right? i dont have the time din to prepare the salad like spinach or eggplant salad, i just sub with cabbage and carrots. okay lang ba yun?

yes, veggie anytime or handful of nuts, I was super hungry also on my first day so I can totally relate :)


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