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First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

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FORUM: First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

I'm Starting on Monday 19/11/2012


Welcome to the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet! My name is Laarni and I am your in-house dietitian and community manager.

This forum thread is for everyone starting the program this coming Monday, 19/11/2012. In this forum I would like to hear from each of you as you first introduce yourself to the group and tell us more about your goals. This is also a really good way for you to meet new friends and to support one another when you feel like you�re moving slightly off course.

Now in order for you to succeed, I would like you to do three (3) simple things. This should only take 5 minutes of your day. To make a lifetime commitment to your well-being, please:
1. Read your session for the day AND watch the video of the coach
2. Ask a question to the team of dietitians (click on "Tools" in the left column, and then "Personal Questions")
3. Take the time to refer to your shopping list and meal plans.

Finally, if you have any questions about the website, you can always call us at (02) 491 7676 Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm.

Good luck to all of you!

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Hi Lightyearsaway!

I am also excited for you. It is good to know how supportive your loved ones are in your new adventure! :x
Do not hesitate to use your personal questions tool for any diet-related concerns, and we will promptly respond to your concerns. TOOLS > Personal Questions. :-q

I'm starting tomorrow 😀 I just finished shopping with my supportive partner and I'm excited with the result 😊 :D

Hi Dona!

I have answered you on the personal questions tool. Anyway, that is quite normal if you are experiencing dehydration due to inadequate water.

Am having a terrible headache. I feel weak n that normal? :(


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