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First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

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FORUM: First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

Vomiting after cheating on my diet

Is this normal? First of all this diet is effective. Already lost 6 lbs in 1 wk. However, i tried to my usual food since its weekend. Firsr, i cant eat much as i used to. Then i vomit after. Is this normal?

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  • Posted by Catmela
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

I'm on the first day of Week 3 and this afternoon I made the mistake of eating two cheese curls. Two. Freaking. Cheese. Curls. They didn't even taste good.

Shortly afterwards I got a splitting headache and I got my body's message loud and clear: no more junk food.

This explains why I feel like I need to vomit now. I am still on my first week and today, we have pizza in the office. I just tasted a very small piece and now it's like I am going to throw up. Probably because I am in the detoxification week.

Reading these forums are really helpful. ;)

its not serious naman. I didn't even ate much. I just tasted it lang. but Im happy I didn;t gain weight during the weekend. and I couldn't be happier coz I already lost 6 lbs in 1 wk and I didn't starve to death.

thanks Victoria.

Hi Suzette,

That does usually happen when you "shock" your body with rich food, right after any detox diet, which is what phase 1 is. If you had properly followed the transition to phase 2, this more likely would not have happened, as the reintroduction of other foods is designed to be gradual. Anyway, I do hope you're okay, and that it isn't anything serious. Please be more careful next time, and in case it does happen again, please see a doctor.


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