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FORUM: Morale, motivation and the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

Race to 100 Life's Simple Pleasures

Hello everyone!

The Chrono-Geno Nutrition Diet program talks about how stress has become an enemy of our diet and we now understand that managing it is essential for us to lose weight and maintain it.

Just recently, I came across this website listing 55 Life's Pleasures That You Lost When You Took Them For Granted... Now I want all of us to do the same but as a whole community here.

Today, I am challenging each one of you to help me list 100 Simple Life Pleasures that appears common to us yet have so much meaning in our everyday lives.

I'll start with mine and then continue on with the list:

1. My favorite mug for my morning coffee
2. The small pillow I use to hug whenever I cry (it has been with me since childhood)
3. The innocent hug and kiss of a child
4. The simple "Thank you!"
5. The hot pan de sal every morning

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My simple pleasures:

1. morning greeting/kiss
2. compliment
3. arriving safe at the office/home
4. quiet time, usually when the kids are asleep :)
5. communicating with relatives and friends

Top 10 ...

1. my laptop, cp, ipad
2. electricity
3. internet connection
4. tv remote control
5. lipstick
6. charger
7. maids we usually neglect to appreciate
8. ballpen
9. morning greetings from love ones
10. my slipper

Here goes mine on top of my head:

1. Waking up knowing that I can still commute to work and not be late
2. Reading a book until I go to sleep
3. That great feeling after a workout


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