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Morale, motivation and the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

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FORUM: Morale, motivation and the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

Who is your biggest supporter?

Are you getting the support that you need through your journey? Who is your biggest source of inspiration? Who supports you the most? And what do you have to say about him/her?

What would you say to them if you could write your letter of gratitude?

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  • Posted by Catmela
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

My husband and son. While they enjoy pinching and smooshing my fat rolls ('soft n' fluffy,' as hubby calls it), they're very much supportive of my efforts in entering a healthy weight loss lifestyle. Hubby keeps a close watch on what I eat, and admonishes me whenever I get tempted to eat something fatty, sugary, or my son's leftovers.

"Your body is not a trash can," he says. "Don't feed it with junk."

But he's not really concerned about what shape or size I am -- after all, I was overweight when we fell in love. What he really wants for me is to be fit and healthy so I can live long and strong.

My family's been a great help in varying - and very unconventional - degrees. My older sister, who shares my insatiable appetite for chocolate, stopped stashing baked goods in our room. She took it upon herself to to buy a locked cabinet. It's contents, which will always be a mystery to me, promises stacks of cookies, prepackaged cakes and imported chocolate bars. The words 'pms emergency kit' are scratched with a dull nail across the door. She's a fan of horror movies and i appreciate the extra effort to scare me out of sugar.
Mother has finally understood that butter, mayonaise and extra cheese are not part of a balanced meal, even if I'm "only having a sandwhich for lunch". "Eh, konti lang naman eh," is never a valid excuse and "Gaga! kumain ka nga! Nakikita ko na ang buto buto mo!" is an everyday encouragement.
My baby sister, 9 and naive, will always tell me the truth and will scowl if I reach for a donut. And it's nice that she can wrap her arms all the way around me now.
Dad hardly talks, but when he's not complaining about the nest-like mop I have has hair - or threatens to repeat the disaster of '94 when he told his barber i was his "son" so we we can BOTH have CREWCUTS for the price of one - he complains that my clothes are too baggy and suggests i borrow my mom's size 0 dresses.
My younger sister, plump but eternally fit, blatantly displays her concotions of late late night snacks. No - she's no help at all.

Laarni, that's a really good way to look at it. The pinching and teasing I mean. :) It's good that he's there to remind you and that you respond lovingly. Sounds like jogging is a great way to "rekindle" things as well.

Hello. just want to share my own funny husband-support story, my husband loves to pinch my love handles, the inner part of my thighs, the fat around my bra line and the flab in my arms which I am definite you will agree with me, those parts are really the most painful parts. That would remind me that I'm gaining pounds and that I need to cutback on my food intake and start doing exercise again. Sometimes, it's quite frustrating but yeah, that is the kind of support I get from my husband. :) I think I'll reward him with a quality time jogging again like we use to do when we are still in the courtship stage.

Bethlopez70 and PrinRoman, you're both very lucky to have supportive husbands help you through your journey. Even if it means that they tease you sometimes, I can tell that they love you very much.

:^> Probably my husband but he keeps offering or teasing me with food that are not allowed for me. so i guess he's not qualified! lol :D

My husband, he supports and inspires me....instead of a letter i will probably give him everything he wants tonight :D

That's awesome! Family is always the best kind of support we can get. I'm glad that you have someone in your family who is there to help you out. We'd be happy to have your mom join us on CGN! :)

definitely my mom who helps me look for the grocery items and prepare/cook the food i bring to work. and instead of a letter, i would probably enroll her for CGN as well. :)


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