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FORUM: Medical Matters

Breaking bad habits

Who among you smoke? What about alcoholic drinks?
�Is it bad to smoke and to drink?�

Well, it depends! It depends on your convictions but here�s an idea for you to ponder on.

Following a healthy lifestyle is not just about losing weight or looking great. On a deeper meaning, it is actually practicing being a good steward of your body and demonstrating a genuine concern to your love ones. Will you give a child a shot of whisky and a cigarette? Are you not causing other people to stumble when you smoke or drink unreasonably? Are you ready to leave your love ones when you die at an early age?

Now, will you answer the question?

Smoking and drinking alcohol is just the same with overeating. Overeating will lead you to the same path of slow death. Just like cancers from smoking and excessive alcohol intake, it might be too late before you notice that you already have diabetes and hypertension due to too many fat deposits you have.

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@charmaineanne: Thank you very much for your response. I will try to avoid smoking as much as possible then.

For alcoholic drinks, what kind of beer exactly is allowed? And is jack daniels (pure) allowed?

Thank you!

@tabiimelon: I'm afraid that smoking is a no-no in the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet. The smoke from cigarettes leaves toxins in the body which stick for as long as you live, and these toxins will bring about illnesses and poor health in general. Of course you already know this. I appreciate that you are giving it a shot to quit smoking completely.

Drinking alcoholic drinks occasionally has health benefits, and this is already proven by many scientific studies, but smoking in general, whether it is 1 stick or 1 pack a day, will not do you any good.

Alcoholic drinks like wines (any kind) and beer are the good kinds (I'm not kidding). You can drink 1-2 glasses of wine or light beer in a party. I don't recommend cocktails or drinks that contain liquers as they contain sugar.

Probably everything in excess will indeed lead to a certain kind of death, but what about when you only smoke and drink occasionally? I am in the process of quitting smoking as of the moment and I sometimes drink due to social obligation (such as reunions and company dinners). Is it okay to smoke and drink when on this diet?

Also, may I know what kind of alcohol has the least amount of sugar?

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