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I'm allergic to shrimps and crabs

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I've gotten over my rice flour noodle intolerance—I noticed that I only feel the symptoms (severe stomachaches and heaviness in the chest) when I eat too much of it. So the easy solution is to not eat so much bihon!

As for my tuna allergy, it's weird. I used to be fine and ate tuna sandwiches and tuna jaw all the time, but I suddenly developed an allergy. The last time I tried just a little piece, my lips started to itch, so I didn't continue. :(

I was allergic to any alcoholic drinks. Now I'm not.

Considering your known allergies, do you still consume these food items from time to time, or do you completely eliminate in in your diet?

I cannot tolerate cow's milk and more than 1 egg a day. It tends to make my stomach to be gassy. :(

I'm allergic to tuna and bihon/palabok/rice flour noodles


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