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Rye Bread

where can I buy rye bread and is there any substitute

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Thanks for the info @avicvillarama! I hope you're doing well with the diet!

Rye bread can be bought at (1) Baker's Fresh, Edsa Shangrila or SM Fairview, P60/loaf or at (2) Le Coeur de France , P140/loaf

You can try looking for rye bread at Santi's and French baker. Most of our clients also found rye bread in Jipan - a Japanese resto + bakery. The bread is available on weekends or you can order/ give them a call a day ahead before you plan to pick it up, one loaf is 120 pesos. Branches are in SM Megamall and Glorietta (#728-9442)

If you really can't find it, you may substitute it with gluten-free bread, buckwheat bread, or simple have brown rice or quinoa for your meals.

You can also check out the other thread for 'rye bread' with many replies from other members :)


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