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FORUM: I'm Starting the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

I'm Starting on Monday, November 2014

Last 2 months before we cap off 2014. Was this year a great year for your health?

You still have 2 months to work on your weight loss goals to be the best version of YOU before the year ends!

Let's begin your Weight Loss Journey with the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet!

My name is Charmaine, and I am your Online Dietitian and Community Manager. I'm here to help you be successful on your weight loss goals and get you engaged to the community as well.

This forum thread is for everyone starting the program this November. It's where you can introduce yourself, meet new friends in the diet, and to support one another in trying times.

To succeed and reach your goals, I want you to follow the steps below. It only takes 5 minutes of your day to make a lifetime improvement for your well-being.

1. Read your session for the day and watch the video of the coach

2. Ask a question to the team of dietitians (click on "Tools" in the left column, and then "Personal Questions")

3. Take the time to refer to your shopping list and meal plans.

Get involved with your Group as well. Look for I'm Starting on Monday group.

If you have any questions about the website, don't hesitate to post them here!

Have a victorious weight loss journey, everyone!

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hi guys, i will be starting on Monday Dec 1... any development? mahirap ba?

Hi, is it normal that you'll be constipated on the 1st day of this CGN diet?

Here we go guys!!

Hello... Finally mag diet na.... Start na on monday! Yey!

Hi, anyone knows where i can buy "dill?

Finally signed up! Ill start on Monday! Looking forward to a healthier and slimmer me by Dec! Woot! :D

@leonoje2rn18: You can give your meals a dry-run on Friday so on Monday, you will be super ready :-q

Can I start on Friday instead of Monday? Can't wait hehehe

I'm starting next Monday, November 17. Where are the other members? I look forward to see some starters and newbies here. ;)


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