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FORUM: First Weeks on the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

Chauchard tea or green tea, which is better?

  • By K48
  • On 09/24/2014 10:49 pm

I'll be starting the diet on monday so i'm preparing my taste buds especially on tea. I got used to drinking green tea but if chauchard tea is better than green then i would definitely try it. Just want to know which is better.

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Ill be starting my program on Monday feb 23.. how much lemon can i add to 1L tea? im also used to green tea and not so sure how the chauchard tea will taste like.. :^>

Hi Arnel @p9019777_arnel ! How's the first 2 days of the diet so far? :)

I will start the program on mOnday, February 2, 2015.

It won't be as effective without the star anise :)

  • Posted by K48
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

Really? Even without the star anise?
Can't drink with the star anise. @-)

Chauchard tea is much better when it comes to detox and weight loss benefits :-q


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