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I am starting with the program next week, but trying to organize the ingredients for my meals.

Oat bran - can I use steel cuts oats instead?
Tuna tail and cream dory- what other fish can I use in place of tuna tail and cream dory?
Soy cheese - if this is not available, what can I replace it with?

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Hi there! Welcome to CGN!

Specifically look for oat bran. There are three brands of oat bran available in our country:

- Australia Harvest: Available in Shopwise, SM Hypermarket, Savemore, and Puregold
- Bob's Red Mill: Available in Healthy Options
- Quaker: Available in limited large groceries

You may replace tuna and cream dory with any other fish under the Preferre and Neutral list for your blood type (see Bonus)

You may replace soy cheese with soft tofu.

For other diet concerns, please use the Personal Questions tool.


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