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veggies for breakfast

how do i eat the veggies (choice of cucumber, radish, carrots and lettuce)? do i cook them or mix with dressing? shoul i choose only one veggie for breakfast?

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  • Posted by Anjili
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

Hi! What about if I eat more of veggie on every meal but less dairy or meat? Is that okay? :-q

I have been having green smoothies 40 minutes before eating my breakfast. My green smoothies would consist of leafy vegetables (one kind each day from the following choices: talbos ng kamote, spinach, kangkong, pechay) mixed with cucumbers, carrots, calamansi, kaffir lime and blended by a juicer. When I cook omelet for breakfast, I make sure that it is mixed with veggies too. During our 5 day vacation in Seoul, the breakfast served in our hotel included a bowl of green salad (two types of green lettuce, cherry tomatoes with ranch dressing). It was weird at first to have green salad for breakfast but I realized that it sure made up for the veggies recommended for breakfast in the CGN program.

@kennydelrosario: You can eat as much as you want of the veggies but the usual amount is 1-2 cups
Yes you can have balsamic vinegar instead of homemade vinaigrette.
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thanks for your reply. how much of the veggies should i eat for breakfast? it does not say in the menu.

can i substitute the homemade vinaigrette with just balsamic vinegar?

You can choose one or any (even all) among the choices of veggies. You may eat them raw or cooked steamed/blanched. You can dress them with homemade vinaigrette or eat them plain.


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