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where to buy or substitutes

Hi. Need help in some of the products that I need to buy. Can't seem to find them in the groceries. Where can I buy the following items? Or can I substitute them with other products?

oat bran - any substitute? can't find them in the grocery.
non fat soy milk - I only saw Soy Milk but it did not say non fat. Is this okay?
tuna tail - can I substitute with tuna fillet? or tuna flakes in brine (from the can)
thyme - can I use dried thyme for the Chauchard tea?
low fat soy cheese - any substitute?


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@Ariane01: You can look for it at Makati Supermart, Metro Gaisano supermarket or Rustan's. If not available, you can substitute any other herb you like. :)

Where can I find Dill? or any substitute for it?

@rhodge: Zucchini is available at any supermarkets or even at wet markets (palengke). If you can't find it, you may replace this with eggplant, patola, upo or sayote.

where i can buy succhini?

If you're inQC, check out the Sunday Market at Centris (I guess the Saturday Salcedo St market has them too). They have fresh thyme in small packets going for P25 a pack, rosemary, too. Fresh herbs

According to Charmaine, use 1 tsp thyme and 1 tsp rosemary to add to 1 star anise in 1 liter of water to boil for the Chauchard tea.

Yes, Australian Harvest oat bran is dark green and I've seen it in Puregold, Trinoma and SM Megamall so far.

I've also seen fresh Thyme and Rosemary in the grocery of SM Megamall-the one on the ground floor. They're on the inner part of the veggies section. But they run out of fresh Rosemary fast. Too bad I couldn't stomach the smell so I reverted back to McCormick. How much dried Rosemary and Thyme (if you use McCormick) do you guys
use per 1 star anise?

Australian Harvest is a brand you can get for oat bran. It is available in the Landmark supermarket at Trinoma and at Shopwise.
One substitute for nonfat soy milk is unsweetened almond milk. I buy Blue Diamond unsweetened almond milk which is available in the Ever Gotesco Commonwealth supermarket and at the Landmark supermarket in Trinoma.
I use McCormick for rosemary and thyme.
I have not found any soy cheese.

You can find oat bran in groceries like pure gold or landmark. Australian harvest has it in green pack if I remember right.
Even I couldn't find nonfat soy milk so I only alternate between the purr bean extract soy milk and that soy milk brand.
I use dried thyme for chauchard. But make sure to use a little because they are more concentrated.


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