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Substitute to soy milk

Since soy milk causes me to be constipated, I have been having unsweetened almond milk with my oat bran. I hope it is okay. The taste is just the same and I have learned to enjoy it every breakfast time.

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@K48: Please check the List of Preferred, Neutral and Unfavorable Food for Blood Type O under Tools > Bonus.

  • Posted by K48
    On 5/7/2013 10:40 AM

For blood type O, can skimmed milk be a substitue for soymilk?

@charmaineanne - thanks coach :)

Hi there @little_liebchen! I'm glad that you still persevere at Week 40. Way to go! Yes the taho with berries and a little of maple syrup is okay as your pre-workout snack. Continue with the workout and I hope you will reach your target weight soon!


I'm in the week 40 of the program, I'm still following the phase 2 bec i haven't achieve my target weight. To achieve this, I'm exercising using the elliptical machine after work. Is it ok to have taho + maple syrup + berries as PM snack-preworkout meal?

@ Xtinegabriel: That's OK. :)

Can i substitute soy milk to skim milk instead?


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