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Bring Your Own Baon

Bringing a packed lunch everyday has a lot of healthy benefits, not only for your body but for your budget too!

I wrote about it in my blog:
Pack Lunch, Lose Weight

Quick Baon Ideas:

Who among the members are bringing 'baon' to the office? Share with the community how you do it!

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To be able to closely adhere to the meal plan provided by the program, I always bring baon to the office. I have bought a "thermos" to keep my Chauchard tea hot until afternoon in time for my snack. At an afternoon meeting yesterday where the host served merienda, I ate my merienda consisting of a small apple and 2 squares of dark chocolate with my Chauchard tea with them. :)

I bring baon everyday, I usually prepare them at night so that I can wake up late in the morning. Here in our office Friday is lunch out day but I'm always bring my baon with me even they say I'm so strict.Whatever they say I'm always happy and feel full whenever I have baon! :D

I do everyday! it's easier to decline fastfood offers because I can always have the usual excuse as "may baon ako". it's a great way to control the portion of what I eat and stay on track with my diet. i eat breakfast at home, have my lunch that was cooked the night before and have my PM snack that is baon too then dinner at home. and it's really good for the budget too! I don't even have to bring too much cash to work aside from my pamasahe sa jeep. I even get the usual compliment from officemates that my food is healthy and even restaurant quality (because I really take extra effort to cook my food based on the recipe)! :-q


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