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Vegetable juice

Found this in healthy it ok to drink this vegetable juice for detox?
Lakewood organic super veggie - fresh pressed 14 vegetables

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The carrot juice doesn't have any calcium.. you can also have soy milk or yogurt if options for vegetable juices are limited.

Hi charmaine, i'm being makulit :^> , i will try the vegetable juice you suggested (thanks for that) im just wondering if Will do for the meantime :-S

I made an easy vegetable juice recipe:

Let me know if the quantities are okay, and if it tastes f=great for you :)

You can make a vegetable smoothie instead of a juice if you don't have a juicer. Or, you can simply make a vegetable soup.

The Tipco broccoli and mixed fruit has a lot of sugar coming from mixed fruits. Have packaged vegetable juices that have no fruit juice in it. The Lakewood organic veggie is better. I would rather have you eat fresh fruit as a 4 PM snack instead of having fruit juice.

I don't have juicer, I just borrow from my sister. Can I drink Tipco brocolli mixed with fruit juices just like : ? Can't find pure veggies

Thanks. I tried it, i used cucumber+carrot+tomato+red bell pepper. I didnt have celery at that time so i used the available veggies in my fridge. Taste nice :-q

Yes the product is okay for what Dr. Chauchard will recommend as vegetable juice in the meal plans or for detox.

You can also make your own vegetable juice at home:


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