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Soy milk

Is unsweetened organic soy milk ok ? Can't find nonfat/lowfat soymilk. I'm a Type O

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@rheamonera: Egg whites are not an applicable substitute for soy milk. Please read the thread below carefully :)

Substitutes to soy milk include dairy substitute like a cup of yogurt and cheese. Non dairy substitutes include almond milk, hemp milk, soy cheese etc. Please refer to the List of Preferred, Neutral and Unfavorable Food for your blood type.

Write your question or specify the nature of the subject you want to address if theres no soy milk avaikable i can rrplace it wd eggwhites?

The current recommendation for healthy people is 1-2 whole eggs per day. If you have high blood cholesterol, diabetes, or heart disease, you should limit your intake of whole eggs to two or less per week. However, if you want to eat more eggs, you can just consume the egg white and remove the egg yolk. Egg whites are counted as part of your protein portion and can be part of a healthy diet. :-q

thank you sharon :) I also wondering if can eat 2 eggs everyday, really like the taste aside from its easy to prepare

Yes, that will do. :-q


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