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Morale, motivation and the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

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FORUM: Morale, motivation and the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

Weight Loss Journal Surprise

All the while I thought the weight loss journal was private (i think it said so in the coaching videos, or was it me who interpreted wrongly). So I was really very honest with it, documenting every detail of my day, my cheats and what I ate. To my surprise today, I saw that one of the coaches commented on my weight loss journal! I was caught red-handed! Haha! In a way, it was an eye-opener for me and provided me more motivation, too, because the coach gave inputs on what I ate right and what I ate wrong.

I still plan to be honest and religious in making my weight loss journals, though. And am looking forward to the feedback from the coaches.

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Thanks coach! They are very useful indeed! Good to know someone's watching. :)

Hi erikavianca! Surely, your weight loss journals are confidential to the rest of the world, but not to us, Dr. Chauchard and his dietitians :) I hope you'll find our comments useful.


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