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Alternative to vinaigerette

a simple alternative of vinaigerrette pls.

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Hi Ms. Faith,

Thanks for the info. Not comfortable with vinaigerrette. :( What I've been using is thousand island or a simple plain mayonnaise. ;)

Anyway, just wanna add this would that be okay if I did not totally follow the list of menu for the day? Let say for breakfast i did not take the vegetable because i'm already full. For lunch I JUST ate 120 g chicken with cucumber alittle mayonnaise, tea, and vegetable juice?

Also, are cucumber, radish, tomato, carrots and lettuce are the only choices to take for type O?

For vegetable juice can I add banana or any fruits?

Thanks in advance :D

Hi Chabellsweet: 1 teaspoon per serving of salad is too little to cause acid reflux. However, if you are still uncomfortable to add vinaigrette, you can just omit it from your meal plan. Or if you have been using a salad dressing that does not cause you to have any reflux, then you can use that instead of vinaigrette, but limit it to 1 teaspoon only. :-q


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