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FORUM: Recipes

Cooking Tips

Share your cooking and serving tips here to help our fellow members with their CGND food preparation concerns. :)


Here's what I learned so far:

- Reserve a special plate or bowl, cups, glasses, and silverware for your CGND meals. Use the best or the prettiest that you own. The program pampers your body so you might as well make every meal as special as it can be. (I drink my water/tea from a wine glass. Maarte, but it makes me feel good about dieting, which is the point :D).

- Experiment with plating. You're preparing meals especially tailored to your needs, so get creative with pleasing your visual senses as well.

- Since we eat our veggies after our protein, try serving your protein (meat or fish) stacked on top of your vegetables. That way, the juices from the cooked meat also flavor your veggies. This especially helps if you're eating raw vegetables.

- If you can't use a non-stick spray for pan-frying, dribble some oil onto your pan then spread it around with a crumpled paper napkin. The paper will absorb the excess oil, leaving you with only a thin film on the pan.

- When steaming or poaching food, adding recommended herbs to the water can help add more flavor to your dishes.

Feel free to add more of your tips here!

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Thanks! :) I love your first one the best!

For me, when cooking eggs sunny-side up, I use an oil-free nonstick pan, then just cover with a lid so that the yolk gets slightly cooked from the steam (since there's no oil). :)


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