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hello guys if me i ask about were can i find a dill herbs? i have having hard time finding dill.please help as well as stevia

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Hi Jhovy i just found dill at rustans supermarket

Ms . Charmaineanne thank u too for the stevia post.

Hi thanks for all of your posts. I felt relieve now in looking for dill and stevia. Thanks for the substitute you mentioned ms.sharonfaith.

Found this brand at the Metro Gaisano supermarket.

Other local brand is Sweet 'n Fit.

Stevia is also found in mercury drugstores and robinson's supermarkets. I am not sure whether SM supermarkets have it, too. I just don't know the brand. :^>

Hi Jhovy: You can find dried dill (McCormicks) in any supermarket. But if it is not available, you can just use green or spring onions, dried basil, or dried oregano instead. Use same measurements. As for stevia, you can look for it in Healthy Options. You can also use other artificial sweetener such as Splenda and Equal. You can also use low glycemic index sugar such as coconut sugar. :) Hope this helps. For other diet concerns, feel free to use your personal questions tool.



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