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Morale, motivation and the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

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FORUM: Morale, motivation and the Chrono-Geno-Nutrition Diet

How Has the CGN Diet Changed Your Eating Habits?

What good habits did you gain since following the CGN Diet?
Are there certain bad habits that you dropped from your old eating habits?
Are there food that you didn't know before or didn't like before that you now like and eat?
Etc. etc. :)

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One good habit that I have gained since I started the CGN diet is eating veggies during the major meals of the day. I have become more creative with recipes too so that I will be more motivated to keep a healthy lifestyle. The bad habits that I have dropped include eating junk food such as chips and sweets but I do cheat occasionally. I have also started doing regular exercises such as treadmill workout 3 times a week. I didn't like dark chocolate before but now I love it. I also learned to love oat bran with almond milk. Having oat bran was new to me and I only learned about it when I started CGN diet. I didn't like rye bread before but now, I relish it especially when it is crunchy.

For my habits, I now try to consciously re-enforce the habit of drinking water every hour into my lifestyle; I rarely eat any deserts and sugars anymore—I used to have donuts, cakes and waffles every chance I got; Cooking my meals is now part of my staple and I now pay more attention to the Nutritional Facts written on the products. I never knew how much sugar went into my body!

The food I was surprised to find to my liking are: Asparagus! I never knew eating it alone can be so delicious! I had only had it wrapped in bacon and have always thought it was the bacon that made it so good. Spinach, I always disliked this as a kid and now love it.

@shroud: don't worry, starches will be gradually introduced on your 3rd week in the program. :-q

I stop eating of rice, bread and junk foods.. :-S ..its very hard.. :(

@little_liebchen: It's okay to be choosy with your food, so long as it will have a good effect on your body. ;)

I stopped eating sweets and processed food (fast foods). I become so arte (as my sister would say) with choosing what to eat hehe ;)

@meApharmacist: Nice! :D

As for me, I stopped drinking soda and iced tea and stopped going to fast food.

Well i stopped drinking sodas, stopped eating processed food (meatloaf, hotdog), and stopped eating fried foods. Ü and also junk foods..ü


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